Thursday, 15 March 2012

Quid habes, quod scripsi

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marian for her blog, 'Quid habes, quod scripsi'. It was my first blog interview and I was quite nervous about how it would take place, what the questions would be like, how long I would have to answer them, if I would end up sounding either a) boring or b) insane!
In the end the questions were delivered via email, there were 20 in all and, although some of them really made me sit down and think carefully before I answered, most were simply about my favourite subjects - books and writing! The hardest to answer were those which asked for advice for other writers. Honestly, I really don't feel that I've earned the right to give advice to anyone - I'm still tripping over my own feet with this writing and self-publishing lark - so I hope what I sent back was helpful to someone. I had a few days to complete and send back my answers and then Marian asked for some general background information about me that she could pass on to her readers - again, more difficult than you might think!
All in all, very enjoyable - Marian was lovely and I am very grateful to her for asking me to do the interview. If you'd like to read it and check out her blog, then follow the link here.
As always any feedback is appreciated!

Best wishes

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