Friday, 1 June 2012

What do you mean it's June?!

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I woke up this morning, fed the kids, pushed one of them out to school and the other towards her pile of revision, fed the dogs, cats and single remaining fish (his name's Bob and he's a Plectostomus in case you're wondering!), made a cuppa and sat down at the computer. And down in the bottom right hand corner it said 01/06/2012. I blinked, rubbed my eyes, took a slurp of coffee and looked again.

It's JUNE?! Already?! What happened to the rest of May?!

Okay so the run up to the end of the fifth month is always a bit busy - there's my birthday (21 + vat. AGAIN!), parents' wedding anniversary, our wedding anniversary (19 years this year!) and this year there was also my son's school play (they produced 'Annie' in a proper theatre - magical, marvellous night) plus I had a reading/presentation at a local school (Coleraine College - had great fun, they were fabulous!) and have another 3 to prep for. I've also been devising a strategy for marketing my second book, trying to write book 5 (NOT going well), clean up book 3 and deal with the fact that the next four weeks are going to be a roller-coaster since it's my daughter's first year of 'big school' exams and my son's last month at primary school - my babies are growing up!

But still. June? I toyed with the idea that my computer had malfunctioned (hey! It could happen!) but when I checked the TV it was also telling me that June had arrived. Ditto the radio. And my phone. Maybe the rest of the world has gone crazy and lost a week or two somewhere? No?

So, what's the point of this blog post? Ah, it's a simple observation that I'm sure everyone else has figured out long ago;

(Quote by John Lennon - I just borrowed it!)

Best wishes :-)


  1. what's the problem with book 5?

    1. *sigh* Wish I knew. It's just not...coming together. I tried stepping away from it for a week but when I went back I just made extensive use of the 'Delete' button. Too many distractions? Too lazy? Not focused enough? Useless story? I don't know. I'm giving it another couple of weeks and if I still feel the same about it then I'll shelve it for a while and start something else. :-(