Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Here's to New Experiences!

I made a deal with myself at the beginning of the year - it was a really crappy start to 2013 and I was feeling kind of downbeat - that I would accept every new opportunity that came my way; no matter how much it scared me.

So far it's been one of the smarter decisions I've ever made.

Between book signings, readings, creative writing workshops in schools and a book launch I've had a terrifying but fun year so far. I figured I'd had my fair share of new opportunities so I settled back into working the day job, being mum's taxi service for my kids and writing as much as I could fit in.

And then I got an email asking if I'd consider being interviewed for a local radio station, BBC Radio Ulster, and their 'Your Place & Mine' show. "I can't make any promises," the email said, "They may not use your interview but I'd love to meet up and see what we can come up with."

Obviously I did the happy dance around my office...giggled a lot. Then the fear set in, I talked myself out of it a few times and then I remembered - new opportunity ...grab it with both hands...'feel the fear and do it anyway' etc. etc. etc.

The view from Harbour Hill in Portstewart and yep...that's my shadow!! :D
Which is how I found myself on top of Harbour Hill in Portstewart (one of my favourite places in the world), chatting into a microphone held by radio presenter Mr Ronan Lundy about books, reading, writing and how lucky I am to live on the beautiful and inspirational North Coast. To be honest, once I'd forgotten that the microphone was there, it was kind of fun - just chatting and laughing with someone about the places and things that I love. We  shook hands and he told me that he'd let me know if his producers decided to use the segment but I honestly didn't mind; standing there with the sun on my face, the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks, seagulls calling all around and the taste of salt on my lips, I just felt very grateful to be alive. Mushy, sentimental fool? Maybe.

Last week I received a text saying, "They're going to use the interview, it'll be broadcast on Saturday morning!" I gulped. Really? Um...what had I said again? I remember talking about books, about the beauty of the coast...what if I sounded kids would never forgive me! Still...opportunities and all that...I advertised the broadcast on Facebook and Twitter and then tuned in on Saturday morning...

Apart from the fact that I sound like Smurfette, it was...okay. I sounded coherent and upbeat, proud of where I live and enthusiastic about writing (I even managed to talk about my books without going off on tangents which is kind of a miracle!).

Thank you so much Mr Lundy and the folks of 'Your Place & Mine' - what an experience!

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