Monday, 23 April 2012

Book Signing at Waterstones, Coleraine

Isn't it lovely to meet people who support and encourage, instead of stacking obstacles in your way?
The wonderful folks at Waterstones in Coleraine are just the kind of people you want on your side, especially when you're a fairly clueless 'never-done-this-before-better-suited-to-the-life-of-a-hermit' type like me!
I arrived at the store about 15 minutes before the signing was about to start to find a lovely table stacked with my books right beside the till and a comfy chair just waiting for me to sit down and get started. Um, ok what do I do now? If I charge round there and hop onto the seat will I look too keen and desperate?  "Here, take a seat and get comfy," they said. Great, problem one solved!
I sat down, wriggled about a bit, wondered what I'd do if no-one turned up. Booksellers arrived, a camera was produced and photos were taken for the store's Facebook page. "Relax and enjoy it," I was told. "You'll do great. If you need anything, just ask."
Right. OK. I clasped and unclasped my hands, fiddled with my pen. Normal business went on around me and my throat started to get dry as I checked my watch and tried to check the door from the corner of my eye. Five minutes to go. Coffee appeared and I took a gulp. Phew, dry-throat problem solved!
Three minutes to go. 'No one's coming,' the sarky voice in my head whispered and it did that annoying 'Nelson' laugh 'Ha ha'.
I took another gulp of coffee and then... "Hi, Ashley!" "Where's the book?" "Do we pay at the till first?" "Can I get my photo taken with you?" "Have you signed any yet?"
The shop began to fill with smiling faces, I signed books, chatted, laughed, got photos taken, the newspapers arrived, more photos, more signing, lots more smiles, family arrived, more photos, lots of friends around, more photos, children hopping up onto my knee, signing more books and noticing the pile on the table going down and down and down...
And then it was all over, I was getting up off the seat again, pulling my jacket on and feeling like I'd just had the best daydream ever!
"We sold out," someone said with a grin.
"Do you fancy coming back and joining some more authors at Halloween?"
Oh, yes please!!!

Chatting with my son and wondering what to do with my hands!


Getting photos taken.

More signing!

Yep...more signing!

Big, big thanks to everyone who turned up to buy a book, or just to say 'Hello' - it was really kind of you to take time out of your Saturday to come and support me. And to the folks at Waterstones, Coleraine? You guys made another of my dreams come true! Thank you so much xx

Want to see some more pics? You can see some on my Facebook page Here or the Waterstones, Coleraine page Here (why not give them a 'Like' while you're there - they deserve it!)


  1. really pleased it went well (and slightly jealous). P

    1. Lol Thanks, Peter. Feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity. :-)