Friday, 4 May 2012

'Demon's Revenge' is almost ready to fly the coop!


Okay, I know my post is ridiculously late this week (apologies) but I do have a valid reason - I received the ms of 'Demon's Revenge' (book 2 in Emily's story) back from the editors on Monday morning so I've spent all week doing the changes and corrections. It's now in the best shape it's ever going to be in and I'm so excited to get it to the Graphic Designer next week - can't wait to see what cover he comes up with and how his magic will transform the fairly standard 'Times-New-Roman-on-white' pages into something gorgeous!

Feedback from the Beta readers was really positive, although there were apparently quite a lot of tears shed and one was considering therapy (I think she was joking...!) and there were a few suggestions made about including a dictionary for the translation of the Italian and 'Angel-speak' and also adding a preview of book 3 to the end of book 2. After going through all the text there were just over 20 Italian words and six 'Angel' words and phrases, most were translated anyway, some were easily recognised (per favore, grazie etc. etc.) and a couple were fairly easy to guess (pazienza, scusa) so I decided that included a mini-mini-translation guide/dictionary might be over-kill. As to whether or not to add the first few chapters of book 3 on to the end as a kind of 'teaser' or 'hook'? Well, it's tempting but I've decided not to - they're on the blog anyway for a start!

So, book 2 is ready to leave me and head out for its make-over before heading out to see the big, bad world and I can't wait! Roll on August!


  1. Don't include a teaser. it just creates pressure to get the next one out

    1. Good Point! Book 3 is written but I'm not intending to unleash it until February 2013!