Thursday, 5 July 2012

Demon's Revenge Tasty Morsel 1


From now until the publication date, I'm going to share a short excerpt from Demon's Revenge every week to whet your appetite. Interested in a sneak peek? Great!

If you read book 1, 'Demon's Daughter', then you'll be familiar with Emily (the heroine), Sariel (a rather tasty Fallen Angel) and Rick Farlow (Alpha of the local Werewolf pack). Emily & Sariel are visiting Rick to negotiate the return of the pack's rare and valuable knife, unfortunately Emily's focus is on a slightly more human problem...

   '  I was bored already. "Look, Rick," I stepped forward, causing an outbreak of growling and snarling all around the room. I studiously ignored everyone else, although my heart was having serious palpitation problems. "Enough of the pleasantries. Take your damn knife and point me in the direction of a bathroom before there's an accident." Beside me, Sariel sighed. "What?" I hissed. "I told you, I need to pee."
     "Way to negotiate," Sariel stage-whispered. "You basically just told him that he can have his extremely valuable artefact so long as you can use the facilities." '

Demon's Revenge will be published in paperback and eBook format on 16th August 2012.

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