Thursday, 26 July 2012

Demon's Revenge Tasty Morsel 3

Time for another yummy dipped-in-batter-and-deep-fried excerpt from Demon's Revenge...

In this scene, Emily has been captured by a vampire, Lucas. Thanks to their telepathic connection she is able to let Sariel know what's going on and enable him to track her down but will he be too late?

'   “So, these pheromones are making you smell like this?” He whispered into my neck and I allowed myself a sigh of relief.
            “Yeah, that’s right. I wouldn’t normally smell this good. If you think I do, I mean. I have no idea how I smell. I could smell like blue cheese for all I know,” I hiccupped a laugh.
            “You smell…it’s hard to think of the right words. You smell like everything I enjoy. Like my best memories and favourite people and places. Like blood and fear and tears.”
            Okay, perhaps the relief had been a little premature. “So, I don’t smell like chocolate?” I asked weakly.
            He chuckled and I could feel his smile against my cheek. I looked up into his dark, dead eyes and forgot to breathe for a moment.
            I’m going to die.
            No! I’m almost there.
            I didn’t have to tell him that he would be too late. The look in Lucas’s eyes told me that death was standing beside me, holding me in its arms and looking down at me with an expression of cruel anticipation.
            “You want to know how you smell?” He asked through fangs that had slid gracefully down further as he spoke. I swallowed a sob and nodded. “You smell good enough to eat.”   ' 

Demon's Revenge will be out in paperback and eBook format on 16th August 2012. 

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