Monday, 10 December 2012

#TBSU Spread the word, share the lurrrrve...

You may have seen the hashtag #TBSU cropping up  here and there on Twitter just recently, may even have investigated a little further and been led into the marvellous madness of Mr. Seumas Gallacher. Know him? He wears a kilt, hangs out in Abu Dhabi, sings along to Bette Midler, quotes Churchill now and again ...oh, yeah and he writes darn fine novels and blog posts. Trust me, if you've met him, you'd remember!

Anyhoo, Sir Seumas and his partner in mental instability, Author John Dolan, have thrust this new hashtag onto the Twitterverse in order for us all to join Sir Seumas's quest to make Bloggworld even more fabulous to visit than it already is. How? By sharing and following new blogs, spreading the word of these fine bastions of (did I just do the whole 'word-invention' thing again?!) via Twitter, our own blogs, Facebook - wherever you hang out really -  and encouraging our little community of like-minded lunatics to grow.

The name of this merry band of bloggers? The Blog Scratchers Union (hence the TBSU thingy - clever eh?). Want to join in? Simples  You just add a small section to the bottom of your blog post as often as you feel the need, this TBSU section should list the blogs that you follow and enjoy in the hope that, not only will these fine blogs reciprocate, but we will all gain new friends/followers to converse with, blog with and share the joys of this little trip into the unknown  (that'll be 'life' in case you're confused!). 

So, here's my little list for this week. Enjoy!

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs to follow and enjoy: