Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Scattered Brain Seeks Clarity.

This week so far has been all about dealing with the day job, confirming bookings for World Book Week, finishing edits for book 3, getting feedback from book four's beta readers, uploading the edited file for book 3 to the designer and preparing for my son's birthday. Every time I have had the chance to write, something has managed to scupper the opportunity; the pen ran out of ink after three words, the pencils needed sharpening and I couldn't find a sharpener, the phone rang five minutes after I started writing, the washing/ironing/cleaning/insert own choice of diversion was calling to me from the room next door.

I'm not stupid: I know that these distractions are of my own making - I could find another pen, ransack the 'everything you don't use on a daily basis but shouldn't throw away is in here' drawer in the kitchen for sharpeners (there are probably about 100 hiding in there), unplug/switch off/silence the phone for an hour, remember that the housework will all still be there AFTER the words churning around in my head have been released onto a page.

So what's my issue? 

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

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