Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Versatile Blogger Award? For Meeeee?!

I am so tickled (and slightly over-awed) that my little blog has been nominated for A Versatile Blogger Award by the rather fabulous Sir Seumus Gallacher (he of the wonderful Jack Calder books). 

So, what IS this glorious accolade, I hear you cry. Well, The Versatile Blogger Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers who are producing posts that they enjoy reading and find interesting or informative. The fact that a) it's a nomination from another blogger is pretty darn special but b) it also gives you a little boost to know that not only is someone else actually READING what you write but they are also ENJOYING it.

Naturally you'll want to find out more about this nutter who has gifted me with this nomination; you can find him HERE doing his thing, which is entertaining and informing all around him with a big smile, a couple of custard creams and (more often than not) his own rendition of 'Amazing Grace'. If you enjoy well-written, fast paced thrillers with  excellent lead characters and attention to detail then you may also want to check out his novels, The Violin Man's Legacy and Vengeance Wears Black.

Now, there are REQUIREMENTS for accepting this reward...

Requirement 1:

Nominate other bloggers that you regularly follow and enjoy (you also have to let them know that they're being nominated). So here are my 10.

Debbie McCune
Peter Johnstone
Bernie McGill
David C Cassidy
Uproar Comics team (you mean you haven't heard of the DEC App yet?!!!)
E M Tippettts
Christine M Butler
Raebeth McGee-Buda
Joanne Clancy
Tom Tolkien

Requirement 2:

I have to tell you 7 things that you don't (or shouldn't) know about me. Oookaaaay. Buckle up...

1) I'm not a fan of spiders...actually I'm not a fan of anything with lots of legs and the potential to crawl up my arm *runs away screaming*!
2) I haven't been gifted with that gene that other women have - the one that makes them go gaga over bags and shoes. I
3) I HATE housework.
4) Being lifted off the ground, even just a couple of inches, makes me laugh (possibly 'cause it doesn't happen often and I know that the person doing the lifting is going to be walking like Quasimodo for about a fortnight afterwards!)
5) Going somewhere that I haven't been before makes me nervous - it's the whole 'getting lost' issue - I have to plan the route for DAYS before travelling.
6) I love art. I'm not an expert or anything close to it but I enjoy beautiful paintings and photography.
7) I get sick on pretty much ALL modes of travel. Bleugh! you know! Thank you so much Sir Seumas for the nomination. 

Best wishes


  1. Congratulations, Ashley :) and thank you for nominating me!

  2. Congratulations, Ashley! And thanks so much for the nomination. :) If you don't like spiders, you're probably in for a real treat with this little story ... all true. :)

    1. This is the one where you got COVERED in spiders, isn't it? *shiver* And then stayed to TAKE PHOTOS OF THEM!!! Either you are incredibly brave or truly dedicated to your photography. I would probably still be screaming. Mind you, I loved the shot you took that day of the shore with the little finger of rocks stretching out into that eerie fog :)