Tuesday, 18 March 2014

WARNING! This Book May Be Cursed!!

It's taken a very looooooooong time to get this book written, edited, covered, and published (over 20 years!) and every step along the way there have been obstacles and pitfalls. However, since I'm a stubborn cow (and I really, really wanted to tell this story!) I kept at it; so when I say that I'm delighted to finally be able to list links for my new book then I'm understating how utterly delighted (and exhausted) I am.

This is my new book baby! 

"Shannon's ordered life in a beautiful seaside town in Northern Ireland is about to be blown apart; her psychic gifts keep her secretly employed by the US government but have also caught the attention of a dangerous terrorist group and. forced to flee to Dublin, Shannon has very little time to decide who to trust." 

When I started this book back in 1991, I was writing stories for no-one but myself to read. The Good Friday Agreement was still 7 years away and 'The Troubles' were still a huge part of life in Northern Ireland. I'd read about the U.S. government's 'Stargate' Program and I was intrigued by the idea of psychic phenomena being used in counter-terrorism and espionage. Naturally the idea of such abilities being put to use in my own country worked its way into a story.
Since there have been so many changes over the past 20+ years, this book has gone through more re-writes and edits than any other story I've ever written. The core idea is the same, the location (my hometown at the time - Portstewart) never changed but it feels like everything else in the universe did!

So many things have gone wrong with the publication of this book (too many to go into - maybe that's a post for another time) that I was starting to feel the universe was trying its damnedest NOT to let me publish it but like I said, I'm stubborn (and my mum LOVED it!).

So here are the links:

The eBook via Smashwords
The eBook via Amazon UK
The eBook via Amazon US
The paperback via Waterstones
The paperback via Amazon UK
The paperback via Amazon US

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