Monday, 22 October 2012

Don't Panic!

I was doing my usual Blog fly-bys the other week when a random comment on one of them caught my eye. The Blogger was having a slight panic attack because his/her daily sales had fallen to 10. 

Now, if you're one of those lucky authors whose daily sales are in the hundreds or thousands then by God I salute you and am absolutely thrilled for you. On a good week I might sell 2 books. And ok, I may be a wee bit weird, but I celebrate every one of them because every sale means that someone out there decided to take a chance and spend their money on MY book. That's a darn good feeling.

Now, when I read this blog and heard the panic behind the writer's words, I wondered if I should be panicking too - my sales are much, much lower than that. Does that mean I can't write? Is no-one buying my books because they're *gulp* useless? 

I let that one stew for a while and the longer I let it invade my head space the more it grew and spilled over and made me miserable. Utterly miserable.

And then I had my little miracle.

I had a series of emails and Tweets from some readers who were reading and enjoying my books. So much so that they had thoughts on who should play the lead role of Sariel in the movie (OMG!!) and what music reminded them of the books. *sqeeeee*

Douglas Booth Picture
We reckon Douglas Booth should play Sariel in the movie trilogy!
                     And Mariana's Trench should provide the theme music!


I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I am thrilled to be selling 2 books per week - so long as they are being read and enjoyed like that. What an honour to have been able to tell a story that made some people care enough to get in touch, share their thoughts and even cast the movie! Lol Oh, so cool!

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Tori, Arinn, Christina & Laura. You guys rock!


  1. what a terrific post!!! And it's something that I've been thinking about lately, too, with respect to my own sales. Thank you for the sanity check!!!

    1. Hi there! I knew if I hung around here long enough, I'd do something useful! Delighted to have provided some sanity (unusual for me!). Best wishes. :-)

  2. Its Laura! just want to say a HUGE thank you again! Your books are wonderful :3 we will continue to spread there amazingness! :L The series would actually be such good movies! -is excited
    Thank you for being so kind also! We should all see you at the book signing soon :D

    1. Awww, thank you so much Laura. You lot are so lovely! Look forward to meeting you at the signing (yippee!!) :-D

  3. Every sale is to be celebrated! I'm with you on that one!