Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Book Signing!!

Yep. Believe it or not, Waterstones in Coleraine are allowing me back into their store to play again! This afternoon from 3 - 4 pm I will once again sit in that lovely comfy chair and sign copies of my books ...there'll probably be a lot of chatting involved too; once I get over my nerves and the fact that my hands are shaking so badly my writing looks like the scattered scribblings of a 4 year old! Talking of hands - I've bitten my nails down to stubs so to satisfy my normally dormant 'must-look-pretty' gene, I'm going to wear some of those fake stick-on Halloween-themed nails; I'm just not sure that I'll be able to wear them and write too!

My son in our local Waterstones.

My mum is coming (bless her!) and so is my daughter (son hasn't made up his mind quite yet!) so that I won't be on my own if no-one else turns up - I know we went through all this the last time, but the concern is still there!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to meet some of those lovely folks that I mentioned in my last post - how much fun would THAT be? And, as always, I'm hoping that a) I don't let the wonderful supportive folk in Waterstones down and b) I don't disappoint anyone who does turn up (let's face it, I'm not exactly Stephen King!!).

Here goes....

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