Monday, 5 November 2012

My humble (and most sincere) thanks.

Ok, I admit it - I needed a wee cuppa before heading to the book signing last week. I sat in the cafe with my mum, daughter, son (he decided to come along in the end - but only because his mates were going!) & daughter's friend, sipping tea and pretending that I was cool, calm and collected when I really had a bad case of wobbly legs and one of those 'open-mouth-and-vomit' kind of feelings.

The walk down to Waterstones was a blur - I think I spoke to some of the staff on the way in but I've no idea if I was coherent or just mumbled 'help me, help me, help me' over and over. Then the table was in front of me and I was sitting down and someone was asking how much the book was and... 

I met old friends, new friends and complete strangers; signed books, talked about characters, heard Halloween stories that just HAVE to make it into a story somehow, was presented with flowers (thank you very much!), shook hands, had photos taken and almost before I had time to was all over!


If you came along and had a chat, shared your stories or bought a book then thank you - you made my day! Big, big thanks also to the staff of Waterstones, Coleraine - your support and encouragement are wonderful. Looking forward to next time...

Very nervous !!
Flowers for me?!!! Awwww.

Meeting some Twitter pals ! :-)

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