Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Making a start

Okay. I've been signed up here trying to figure out what to write about since June and, even 'though I'm not entirely clear what exactly I'm bringing to the party, I reackon it's time to get started!

So...what am I going to 'blog' about?

Well, I don't really enjoy politics, not much for social commentary, can't really give any insider info on anything excting or important...besides there are plenty of people out there doing that at the minute - and doing it rather well too.
There are also about a billion and one 'How to' sites dedicated to the practice and art of writing and/or publishing; about the same again reviewing books and sharing news about what's new, what's good and what to avoid like the plague; and a whole universe of new writers trying to get their books read and their voices heard.
Huh. We're in a bit of a quandry here, my friend.
Okay...let's just take this as it happens and see what we end up with?
Whaddayasay? Meet you back here tomorrow?

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