Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Publishing decisions

The whole KDP Select furore seems to have died down a bit - I suppose most people are waiting to see how the first month goes. I decided not to participate - I don't have anything against it so good luck to anyone who decided to go for it - it just doesn't make a lot of sense for me to put all my eggs in the one basket. I mean, the point of getting the book out there was so people could read it if it tickled their fancy and surely I'd be shooting myself in the foot if I removed it from the other retailers on the off chance that someone will want to borrow it? I would reckon that, given the choice, most people will borrow a popular book or a popular author before taking a chance on a newbie. Especially since they only get 1 borrow per month. I know I would.
Of course, now that the paperback is coming out and Amazon seem to be messing with distribution of titles from Lightning Source (where my book is being printed), I'm going to have to think about publishing on Create Space as well if I want Amazon to stock it. Hmmm. Problem is, of course, that Create Space is based in the USA and I'm in Northern Ireland so getting a proof would be tough, never mind getting books delivered to customers here (I'll sell a few locally - at least if everyone who's asked about it buys). Interesting.
Well, that's a decision for another day - or probably another year since my kids get off school today for Christmas. Yippee!

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