Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pre-Christmas buzz

Today's all about getting organised.
Hubby's gone to work, kids are heading out with Granny & Grandad so I've got a few hours to make sure all the last Christmas bits are sorted. Wrapping of presents, buying of food, cleaning of house etc. etc. etc. So I'm making lists - what do I need to wrap? What do I need to buy? Where do I need to clean (And where can wait!) ? Feeling a tad Santa-like with the whole making of lists and checking them twice!
Have to say this is the first time this season that I've felt the buzz. You know the one - the pre-Christmas tingle of excitement that you get from wrapping the presents, writing the cards, planning the meal and imagining the smiles on Christmas morning. The school carol services made me feel festive but nothing beats this planning stage for that special high that's exclusive to Christmas.
So, time to make a where's that list of what to make a start on first? - wishing you a Merry Christmas wherever you are xx

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