Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Expanding horizons

Today I've been updating my website to include this blog (I know it's not exactly riveting stuff but I'm hoping it'll improve!) and some links for self-publishing.
Now that child number two is home safe and sound (very tired but extremely impressed with Bulgaria and the whole skiing experience) I can direct my energies back to writing which is good because my brain is starting to build up with characters and their voices and ideas and situations. There's more than one book vying for space in here which is confusing but at least means that my imagination hasn't dried up yet!
Visited the accountant yesterday to make sure that if I ever get any royalties (!), I'm keeping everything legal and was shocked to discover that I'm officially now self-employed. Not sure why it was such a revelation - I suppose being able to give a title to it makes it somehow more 'real' if you know what I mean. So I can now officially call myself a self employed writer. How cool is that?! And, yes, I'm painfully aware that it makes me sound like I'm actually earning money but to earn royalties from Amazon and Smashwords I'll have to sell more books - haven't met their bottom lines yet!!
Ah well, sure it's all fun!

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