Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nervous and carless

It's been a day of mixed blessings.

Book 3, all shiny and sparkly with its rewrites and corrections, went off to a beta reader and I'm starting to bite my nails. Have I closed all the story arcs? Have I kept the time lines tight and the pace sprightly? Is anyone going to be upset when they get to page 140/141? Hmmm, ok - no spoilers this early in the game!

My car failed its MOT test and I wasn't even allowed to drive it home - cue panic, tears and a frantic call to hubby to come and pick me up. My poor little silver charger (his name is 'Sam' if you're interested) left behind at the test centre to wait for a mechanic who'll have to operate on him tomorrow. I'm without my car and it's not a happy feeling - last time I didn't have a car, the kids were small and I was able to walk them everywhere, now they're older and their friends/activities are further away. Still, I'm lucky to live close to public transport so we won't be stuck.

On the plus side - child number 2 went back to school today and was happy and excited to go back. His pleasure at being amongst his friends again more than makes up for all the other stresses and strains of the day.

Once again there's a silver lining!

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