Monday, 9 January 2012

It's a Monday

Well, it's Monday January 9th. Hubby has gone back to work. Child number 1 has joined child number 2 back on the school run and it's time for me to play catch up with all the online bits and bobs that I let slide over Christmas and plan the writing schedule for the next few months.

I say 'plan the writing schedule' but one of the main problems I have is that being at home means I'm easily distracted. 'Want to come for a coffee'? Coat goes on and morning's writing goes out the window. House needs cleaning, ironing needs done, animals need attention, kids needs picking up, homeworks need done. There are a thousand and one distractions and most of the time I'm easy to distract. But every now and again I slip into the 'zone' - somewhere between reality and the fantasy world that's unfolding on the screen in front of me. The fantasy becomes more real than the chair that I'm sitting on or the coffee that's going cold in the cup; the words flow and at some point I 'wake up', another 10,000 words written and a feeling of calm and 'rightness' in my heart. Those are good days.

Here's hoping.

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