Saturday, 21 January 2012

Getting ready for the big launch..

...well, okay, not exactly a big launch, more of a little publication day!

At the minute I'm waiting for Nielsen to get around to updating the record of my book on their Book Data - so that wholesalers etc have the correct details and booksellers know where to order it from (should anyone want to order it that is!) - as with all things, you can pay extra to have your details updated faster but, since I don't have a spare £200 lying around, we'll have to take the slow route and hope that it gets done by the date of publication that I decided on (18th Feb).
I've had a couple of requests to do readings in local schools - nothing concrete yet but I'm staying hopeful. Have to admit I'm keen to do the schools 'cause I enjoy the interaction and encouraging children not to be afraid of creative writing but to give it a go. Waterstone's also still seem keen to do a book signing, which is scary but very, very exciting - my main fear there is that no-one turns up!
So, how do I get the word out about my book, the signing etc. etc.?
Well, going by the experience of other authors, the easiest thing to do is to get bbookmarks printed and give them out at every opportunity - at readings, via the libraries, coffee shops etc. Plus for the signing, get the local press involved (um...!) and have flyers printed and displayed in any places I can think of that readers are likely to go - or my potential readers might frequent. Setting up an 'event' on Facebook etc. might work too - if enough of my FB and Twitter friends shared the info.
There have been enough people asking about a paperback for me to have a slight twinge of hope that they might be interested enough to come and buy one, and get it signed. Obviously I wouldn't be expecting hundreds, but 10 would be nice!

And for the ball to get rolling? Nielsen have to update their system *sigh*

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