Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thank God for sensible friends!

Yesterday was interesting.

First thing in the morning an email was waiting for me from the designer with the finalised cover and inserts for the paperback edition of Demon's Daughter - they look wonderful. I'm sooo pleased!

Next my car (fixed by the mechanic) passed its MOT re-test so I have wheels again!

Then, after about three cups of coffee and a pep talk from my friends, I uploaded all the files to the printer. Pressing the send button was actually scarier than I thought it might be - have I selected the correct files? Have I filled in all the forms properly? Am I making a mistake?

I don't know that it'll ever feel right - being self-published as opposed to being 'traditionally' published, I mean. I still feel like the frumpy mum playing at being an author and any second now someone I admire (Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine...take your pick, there's a long list) will point a finger in my direction and scream "Lock her up! She shouldn't be doing this! She's only a housewife!"
Or maybe, as one of my more mature and sensible friends suggested, I should hold my head high, have confidence and pride in what I've written and damn well stop moaning about doing something interesting with my life!

Well, the files have been sent, my fingers are crossed that everything is in order and my paperback is being created as I write this. Can't ask for much better than that on a Wednesday morning.


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