Sunday, 15 January 2012


Child number 2 headed off to Bulgaria this morning - have to say that a 3am start does nothing to sharpen my brain - and, after dropping him off, the rest of us went back to bed for a couple more hours. This was NOT a good idea since I now feel like I could sleep the rest of the day away instead of sorting things out for the week ahead. Is it true that the more sleep you have, the more you need?

Have had a request to do a reading at a local school which is really exciting. This will be my second and I can only hope it goes as well as the first which was an absolute joy! Of course I'll have to get over my ridiculous nerves first - public speaking is definitely NOT one of my gifts (hence my preference for hiding in my cave, hermit-like, and writing instead of socialising!) and standing up in front of a crowd of people I don't know, to talk about the people who live their lives in my head, doesn't come easily. Thankfully, so far, no-one has laughed their heads off at my ideas or booed me off-stage. Possibly because the last lot were children and thought the idea of demons and angels living amongst us was quite plausible. Gotta love that wonderful, unfettered imagination - can only hope the next lot haven't had theirs worn down by the world yet.

Fingers crossed.

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